A Royal Revenge is ready

My new novel is now available in Kindle and other digital formats on Amazon. The paperback version will be ready in a few weeks. This one has been a pleasure to write. Like Girl Rising, the book I wrote in 2020 set in 1950s and 60s USA, A Royal Revenge is historical fiction. However, the setting is Southeast England in early 1990; with occasional flashbacks to the reign of Henry VIII.

If you enjoy suspense, murder or romance there is something in this book for you. It is shorter (186 pages vs 450), but the main characters will have you well invested in their wellbeing.

Imagine touring an historic English country estate on a weekend outing with your lover and coming face to face with the ghost of Anne Boleyn. Imagine then committing not one, but two brutal murders, then not being able to remember it at all.  

This is what transpires for young American surgeon Rachel Bolan as Anne’s spirit completely disrupts Ms. Bolan’s life, possessing her to exact a Royal Revenge. The victims are 21st century descendants of those responsible for the execution of Boleyn during the reign of Henry VIII. 

Anne and Rachel become one, but only for long enough to behead one victim and implode another. Anne becomes Rachel’s possessor, her torment, and in the end, her protector. 

This nugget of historical fiction has mystery, suspense, romance and loads of literary credentials.

Now available at http://www.amazon.com/author/plpearson

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