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Patricia Pearson (PL Pearson) has worked as a journalist, then as a public relations and advertising executive managing agencies in the US and England for more than 25 years. She moved to France in 2017 and recently completed her second book, an edgy novel about a strong-willed girl growing up in the American Midwest in the 1950s and 1960s.

During her career, Patricia has held executive positions with major international PR firms and founded several successful businesses — some focusing on the healthcare and bioscience communications sectors.

Earlier in her career, she was an English and creative writing teacher and a university administrator. She has a B.A. degree in English and psychology and an M.A. in journalism and public relations.

Born in the Midwest US, Patricia has lived and worked in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Washington DC and Portland, Oregon. Work and lifestyle choices also have drawn her to England and France for extended periods totaling nearly 20 years.

She wrote her first book, Life on a French Poster, in 2004. It details her first stint living full time in France where she renovated a 16th century priory in the Dordogne. That volume is available through Amazon and other outlets.

Patricia is married and has two West Highland Terriers. She enjoys jogging and other exercise including hiking trips with her husband, Dan. She also is an opera fan and regularly travels to classical music venues throughout Europe. 

Books and Short Stories

Girl Rising/Book One 

As a child she lived in the grey world of 1950s America, hiding an internal violence encased from the outside world. She emerged into the Technicolor 1960s, emboldened, where brutality and love held awkward hands. The great and good died; the young protested racism, sexism and an unjust war. Sexuality was stripped of its cloak of inequality. The intelligent, independent Elizabeth Frakes embraced the awakening of the new times, but still held the dark secrets of her past inside. The personal and societal storm clouds expanded and merged, foreboding days and nights of turbulence, their ferocity ripping the heart out of America. Elizabeth buttoned her coat, pulled down her hat and opened the door from the darkness into the light.

Girl Rising will make you laugh, cry, doubt and try. Lizzie Frakes will make you wonder and wish. 
This book could become a stanza in the 21st century anthem for women’s rights, for those who test limits. It will take you places you might never have been otherwise. Enjoy the trip.

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  • The paperback version of Girl Rising was added to the offering on Amazon 26 March 2020. The ebook is attracting readers, but many have said they prefer the look and feel of a real book. So, here it is! Please visit to purchase your personal copy. … And let me know what your think! Thanks.